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Here at Blackwater Doodles we strive to breed the best well-rounded companion.We specialize in hunting lines, service, therapy, and great family pets. We are a small breeding program. All of our dogs are fully health tested. They are Pennhip, OFA hips/elbows/eyes/ and heart certified. All of our dogs must also clear genetic testing that we do through Paw Print Genetics before we even consider breeding our dogs. All of our prospective breeding dogs go through obedience training, CGC, as well as gundog training depending on their drive. 


We raise our puppies inside our home. They are handled daily and get the opportunity to socialize with ours and other families children. We start our puppies on puppy culture and ENS starting at 3 days old with early neurological stimulation through 16 days old. ENS has been proven to improve the overall health of the puppy from increased stress tolerance, stronger nervous, immune systems, better heart and respiration rates as well. Puppy culture is a program that represents a standard in puppy rearing and socialization. Puppy culture gives your puppies a great foundation and early training to make the transition and life easier once they go home.

We are recognized by Goldendoodle Association of North America. We are a GOLD LEVEL BREEDER, this organization holds us to the highest standards in health testing, education, and care of our dogs.

This picture has Standard size Goldendoodles and also a mini
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Hi I'm Jessica, (to the right of the picture below) I was raised with family pets. They would stay inside our home, go on car rides, and have fun out on the farm. They were raised and live alongside us. My husband Bryan, (the one on the left of the picture below) on the other hand, has severe asthma and allergies. He had a few dogs growing up, but they were not as involved inside as mine were so that became an area of concern when we decided to get married.


After extensive research, we got our first F1 Goldendoodle Emma and we were instantly in love. Bryan's Allergies and Asthma were no longer triggered by our new family dog. We were impressed by the breed's temperament and realized what an asset we could offer to other families with various special needs.

People often inquire about why we breed hunting doodles. Besides being avid hunters ourselves, Golden Retrievers and Poodles were bred as gundogs to retrieve waterfowl and upland birds. Hunting is bred into both of these breeds lines. We wanted to utilize what they already enjoy doing while offering a family pet for everyone. This is how Blackwater Goldendoodles was born. 


This is the Blackwater Goldendoodle Family.
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