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In loving Memory of Emma Joy

Emma was our first Golden Doodle that we raised from a puppy. She was a real sweetheart who inspired us to offer such great well rounded family pets.

A tribute from my husband Bryan...

Tragically we found out yesterday that Emma died in a freak accident at the farm. Emma was four years old and a bundle of joy since day one. So much of a joy that her middle name was in fact, Joy. She blessed our lives since day one and there was never a dull moment when she was around.

I remember when we got her back from training in Arkansas, we were so upset cause she wouldn’t do anything we said. After talking to the trainer and watching videos we realized we weren’t talking in the right accent. When we said “Emma sit” she wouldn’t do anything. But after changing our twang to an Arkansas accent, she listened and minded perfect. Sounded weird when we would say in a slow Arkansas twang “Emmmmmaaaaaa Siiiiiiittttttt.”

She loved water, loved to run and loved playing fetch. She would want to play fetch for so long we feared her heart would explode. But she had no quit and ran even when she was tired, she would still go. She aimed to please and she did just that.

You can always tell when she was getting a drink, she would have a puddle of water by her dish (or toilet) and then run up to you and give you a kiss. Her beard was a mop and she loved giving kisses. And most people weren’t so grateful of her gift. She loved watching tv. Me and Emma would always watch the hunting channel together and I couldn’t figure out if she was more interested in the show or if I was. But she loved watching other animals. When we would go on trips she couldn’t just relax and sleep she had to be watching for animals and when she saw something, she would get so excited and want to go play with them. The windows in the back seat of my pickup will never be cleaned again due to her wet beard and nose looking out the window.

She had the first litter in our breeding program and her pups blessed the lives of four families. We kept one of her pups, Millie which will have quite the shoes to fill.

She loved Jessica and Jessica loved her, if Emma was a human her and Jessica would have been best friends. Both are independent and have a drive like no other. When we lived in Portales and Jessica couldn’t sleep she would be outside gardening or watering the grass, Emma was right there with her. They took care of each other and there was a bond there like no other.

Emma was the only dog that I’ve seen smile and she would always leave a smile on your face. Everyone that knew Emma knew she was something special. Before me and Jessica got Emma I tolerated dogs and they were just that, dogs. But after spending time with Emma I realized she was something special and not just a dog but a part of the family.

Emma you will be greatly missed by a lot of people. Rest easy girl!

Caroline Knapp said it best “Before you get a dog, you can’t quite imagine what living with one might be like; afterward, you can’t imagine living life any other way.”

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