2021 Anticipated Litters

We reserve the right to change litter pairings at anytime and skip breeding’s if we deem necessary. Pairing dates are an estimation we cannot control mother nature. Pictures of pairings will be added within the month.  Outside studs will not be posted in our stud section.  

Now Taking Applications for Winter Litters!!! Openings for our medium litter that will produce beautiful wavy coats and shades of Red!!! 

When filling out application please specify which litter you are interested in.  Once litter is FULL we will state that. 

  • (LIST FULL)Arrow F1b Goldendoodle X Oakley Multigen Labradoodle (JNB Stables)

2/2021- go home 6/2021 (RETIREMENT LITTER FOR ARROW)

This pairing will produce STANDARD multigen DOUBLE DOODLES with a variety of beautiful colors and astonishing wavy coats.  (LIST FULL)

  • (LIST FULL) Charlie F1bb X Beau Multigen Goldendoodle

3/2021- go home 7/2021 (LIST FULL)

This pairing will produce a variety of shades of red/apricot/cream colored pups. Some pups will have wavy coats.  

  • Benelli F1b MINI goldendoodle X Beau (Outside Stud)


  • (LIST FULL ) Indy Multigen MINI goldendoodle X Beau (Outside Stud)

6/2021- go home 10/2021 (LIST FULL)


  • Charlie F1bb X Beau Multigen Goldendoodle

9/2021- go home 1/2022

Variety shades of red with possible minimal white markings. BEAUTIFUL WAVY COATS!

  • Fritzy F1bb X (stud TBD)

10/2021- go home 2/2022